Polyurethane Foaming Equipment

Polyurethane Foaming Equipment

Polyurethane High-pressure Foaming Equipment

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HS-III(D)Type Polyurethane High-pressure Foaming Equipment has wide scope of applications. 1.Casting: solar water heaters,tank insulation, cabin, insulation board, security doors, refrigerators,  pipes, road construction, packaging, road construction, wall insulation,etc. 2. Insulation & Coating: external wall insulation, internal wall insulation, roof, cold storage, ship cabin, cargo containers,trucks, refrigerated trucks,tank, etc.

Technical Parameters:

Power source: single phase 220V 50Hz

Heating power: 7.5KW

Driven mode: pneumatic

Air source: 0.5~0.8 MPa ≥0.9m3/min

Raw output: 2~8 kg/min

Maximum output pressure: 11Mpa

AB material output ratio: AB 1:1


1. Secondary pressurized device to ensure fixed material proportion of equipment, improve product  yield;

2. With small volume, light weight, low failure rate, easy operation and other great features;

3. Feed rate can be adjusted,have time-set,quantity-set features, suitable for batch casting, improve production efficiency;

4. Adopting the most advanced ventilation method, guarantee equipment working stability to the maximum;

5. Minimizing spraying congestion with multi-feedstock device;

6. Multi-leakage protection system to protect the safety of the operator;

7. Equipped with emergency switch system, help operator deal with emergencies rapidly;

8. Humanized design with equipment operation panel, super easy to get the hang of it;

9. The latest spraying gun has great features like small volume, light weight, low failure rate, etc;

10. Lifting pump adopts big change ratio method, the winter also can easily feed raw materials high viscosity.

Packing lists: 

Upon the receipt of commodity, please check if it’s in accordance with the configuration of Packing lists.

●  Equipment Standard Configurations:


Packing Size: 870*870*1640mm      Weight: 220kg


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