Polyurea Proportioning Machinery

Polyurea Proportioning Machinery

Polyurea Proportioning Machinery Easy Spray Hydraulic Pressure

Product Details

Product Usage

HS-H5600(T) type Polyurea Hydraulic spraying system has a wide range of application. Equipment suitable for a variety of construction environment, can spray a variety of double-part materials: Polyurea elastomers, polyurethane elastomers, polyurethane foaming materials and polyurea waterproof, anti-corrosion materials are widely used in Subgrade waterproofing, Pipeline anticorrosion, auxiliary cofferdam Engineering, water tank anticorrosion, storage tanks, tank anticorrosion, pipe coating, cement layer protection, wastewater treatment, Roof waterproofing, Basement, industrial maintenance, wear-resistant lining, cold storage, exterior walls and other insulation, insulation, anti-corrosion, waterproof, wear-resistant areas.

Technical parameters


three-phase four-wire 380V 50Hz

Heating power


Driven mode


Hydraulic pressure


Air pressure

0.5~0.8 MPa ≥0.5m3/minute

Material output


Max pressure


AB material ratio



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