What Kind Of Paint Do People Need?

- Jul 13, 2017-

In the chemical industry, metallurgy, energy, environmental protection and other fields, people on both heat and corrosion-resistant paint has a wide range of needs. Commonly used organic anti-corrosion coatings, such as epoxy coal tar pitch, epoxy glass flake and multi-function antirust paint, etc., its temperature is usually only 150 ℃, high temperature will occur degradation or carbonization, resulting in coating failure. In previous studies, the main focus on the heat-resistant paint or corrosion resistance, but not both high-temperature and corrosion-resistant paint less research.

At present, most of the high-temperature anti-corrosion paint in the physical and chemical properties than some of the famous brands abroad, but often in the engineering application process reflects a huge gap. The main reason for this discrepancy lies in the lack of research on the engineering application of paints in the past. In order to avoid the frequency of this phenomenon, in recent years we have some famous brands of foreign paint rheology of the law of the detailed analysis, and according to their own paint varieties in the past in the application of the problem of comparative analysis.