History Of Ship Paints

- Jul 13, 2017-

Since the 1980s, the shipbuilding industry of our country has seen a historic turning point, to undertake the construction of various types of export ships as an opportunity, the foreign advanced shipbuilding technology and shipbuilding production management mode has been introduced, digested, absorbed, China's shipbuilding industry began to take off, which to our ship paint and ship painting has brought tremendous impetus. In the marine paint, a variety of new high-performance foreign paint has been applied, the corresponding domestic paint has been born, domestic ship paint in grade, quality, production and sales services and so on has a great improvement.

In the aspect of ship painting, various new technologies, new equipment, new technology and new production management mode are constantly transforming and replacing old and outdated things and old habits, which are the advanced level of domestic ships in coating technology and painting quality. However, due to the scientific management and the quality of personnel, the production efficiency and cost of ship painting in China is still a certain gap compared with the advanced shipbuilding countries in the world.