Development Trend Of High Temperature Resistant Paint Coatings

- Jul 13, 2017-

As a result of the overall expansion of the application of high temperature paint performance requirements and demand will be nearly a step to improve, new high-temperature coatings and friendly high-temperature paint will usher in a very broad market space, therefore, high temperature paint if you want to stand firm in the development of science and technology to keep pace with the times.

The main research and development hotspot of high-temperature resistant paint is high temperature resistance, low energy consumption, low pollution and high efficiency multifunctional protective coating, so as to improve the High-temperature protection performance and various physicochemical properties of high-temperature resistant paint.

Increase the high temperature resistant paint coating technology, new technology development dynamics, for high-temperature substrate requirements, improve the adhesion between the coating and substrate, improve the resistance to thermal oxidation of high-temperature paint coatings, increase the temperature resistant paint construction and solidification process research to achieve the purpose of reducing energy consumption.