Construction Technique Of Architectural Coating

Jul 13, 2017
Construction Technique Of Architectural Coating

Color in the decorative effect of architectural paint plays an extremely important role, in order to achieve the ideal decorative effect, coating must avoid chromatic aberration, can take the following measures:

1. A building of the same wall, should be used in the same batch of paint. For large high-rise buildings, try to finish the painting as soon as possible.

2. The paint used in the project should be stacked according to Variety, batch number and color. When the same color, batch number is not at the same time, should be poured into the large container mixing evenly, to ensure that a building on the same wall of paint used in the condition can not produce chromatic aberration.

3. When the same wall has a different color coating through the two sides of the line, at least in the same area of the same batch of paint.

4. When using multi-layer coating structure, at least the entire surface of the same wall surface coating using the same batch paint.

5. The use of double row scaffolding, or hanging basket construction, in order to completely avoid the limb hand frame repair caused by color difference.

6. When a construction projects are completed, several barrels of the same batch of paint should be retained for subsequent review.