Acrylic Anti-corrosion Paint Application Scope

- Jul 13, 2017-

Acrylic anti-corrosion paint is widely used in high-grade cars, buses, motorcycles, household appliances, ships, aircraft external decoration. And make full use of domestic rich raw materials resources, acrylic anti-corrosion paint products are currently widely popular in the international a new type of paint. Greatly reduced the investment in the production of capital in the domestic market has a strong competitiveness, the market prospects are very broad, the project will be completed as a substitute for foreign imports of similar paint.

Acrylic amino acid Design formula according to its specific use to the performance requirements of the film to select the appropriate copolymer monomer, acrylic acid amino anti-corrosion paint is a rapid development of the new high-grade paint in the past 20 years. Acrylic acid-amino anti-corrosion paint has a good stain resistance, gloss, hardness and excellent weatherability, chemical resistance.