Tank Coating

Tank Coating

Epoxy ballast tank coating-Red/Grey

Product Details

Product Description:


-- A two pack epoxy heavy-duty anticorrosive coating

--Suitable for application at low temperature

--Approved for PSPC for Water Ballast Tanks according to IMO Res.MSC 215(82) by CCS.

--VOC less than 230g/L

Intended Uses:

-- Use in seawater ballast tanks in all types of ships.

-- For use at Newbuilding, Maintenance and Repair or on Board Maintenace.

Product Information:

Drying Information:

Overcoating Data:

Storage:Store in cool and dry conditions,Well ventilate.Keep away from hot and fire. Shelf

Life:12months minimum at 25℃,Subject to re-inspection thereafter.

Pack Size:

Part A: 22.7kg/15L in 20L container

Part B: 5.3kg/5L in 6L container

Flash Point:

Part A:Greater than 31℃

Part B:Greater than 29℃

Mixed paint:Greater than 31℃

Systems and Compatibility:

Consult your Sunrui Representative for the systems best suited for the surfaces to be protected.

Surface Preparation:

High pressure fresh water wash or fresh water wash, and surface preparation should in accordance with IMO resolution MSC216 (82) performance standard for protective coatings for dedicated seawater ballast tanks in all types of ships and double-side skin spaces of bulk carriers.


Remove weld spatter and smooth weld seams and sharp edges. The surfaces should be blast cleaned to Sa2.5  GB/T 8923.1-2011  .The weld seams areas could be cleaned to St3GB/T 8923.1-2011using power tool.

Apply 725-H53-201 before oxidation occurs. If oxidation has occurred, the entire oxidized area should be reblasted to the standard specified above.

Repair/On Board Maintenance:

The areas to be repaired should be cleaned to P St3 GB/T 8923.2-2008 by mechanical method or higher level of surface prepared to P Sa2.5 GB/T 8923.2-2008 by abrasive blasting. Abrade the area immediately surrounding the repair to provide a key for subsequent coating application. Overlap areas should be kept to a minimum.


1) This product will not cure adequately below -10℃. For maximum performance ambient curing temperature should be above -5℃.

2) Apply in good weather. Temperature of the surface to be coated must be least 3℃above the dew point when the humidity is lower than 85%.

3) In common with all epoxy base coatings, 725-H53-201 will exhibit chalking of the firm on UV exposure.

4) The dry time and overcoating interval may change according to the environment factors.

5) Avoiding absorb the solvent steam and paint steam for long time. Skin and eyes must avoid contacting the paint. Pay attention to ventilate and fireproof when applying.

Duty statement:

1)      The data in the sheet base on the information from the laboratory and practice.

2)      The application may exceed the control, so we only ensure our product quality.

3)      We own the right of the data sheet modification without informing.


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