Antifouling Paint

Antifouling Paint

Fishing boat antifouling paint-Red

Product Details


Product Description:

-- Model: 725-B40-8

--Atin-free antifouling coating satisfying AFS/CONF/26 of IMO

--VOC less than 380g/L

Intended Uses

 -For use at Newbuilding, Maintenance and Repair or On Board Maintenance. The fouling term is 12 months.

Product Information

Drying Information

Overcoating Data


Store in cool and dry conditions,Well ventilate.Keep away from hot and fire. Shelf Life: 12 months

minimum at 25 ℃,Subject to re-inspection thereafter.

Pack Size: 17kg/10L in 10L container

Flash Point: Greater than 28℃

Systems and Compatibility:

Consult your Sunrui Representative for the systems best suited for the surfaces to be protected.

Surface Preparation


725-B40-8 should be applied over a recommended primer coating scheme. The primer surface should be clean, dry and free from contamination. 725-B40-8 must be applied within the coating interval specified (consult the relevant product data sheet). Areas of breakdown, damage etc. should be prepared to the specified standard (eg. St3) and primed prior to the application of 725-B40-8.


725-B40-8 may be applied directly over aged 725-B40-8 following thorough fresh water washing and degreasing provided the coating to be overcoated is in an intact and tightly adherent condition. Loose or flaking coatings should be removed back to a firm edge and an appropriate primer should be used to repair the area before application of the full coat.


Coating lifetime is directly proportional to thickness applied. Performance of the removed back to a firm edge and an appropriate primer should be used to product is dependant upon the specified film thickness being achieved.

After the last coating dried, it should be flood into water in 15 days. If these periods are exceeded the antifouling performance may be impaired.

The color of coating may be changed into gray or celadon after flooded into water.

Apply in good weather. Temperature of the surface to be coated must be least 3℃above the dew point when the humidity is lower than 85%.

Avoiding absorb the solvent steam and paint steam for long time. Skin and eyes must avoid contacting the paint. Pay attention to ventilate and fireproof when applying.

Duty statement:

1)The data in the sheet base on the information from the laboratory and practice.

2)The application may exceed the control, so we only ensure our product quality.

3)We own the right of the data sheet modification without informing.



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