Polyurea Waterproof Coating Construction Instructions

Mar 22, 2019

 1.Construction method:

1)      Spray equipment: Spray polyurea materials must be applied with a special (1:1) two-component spray equipment. Such as Graco's H-XP3 and so on.

2)      Construction Environment Requirements In order to achieve the best coating effect on the site requirements of ventilation, ambient temperature can not be less than 10 , substrate temperature is higher than the dew point 5 , air humidity is less than 80%.

3)      Base Material Surface treatment

a.      Leveling the cement surface: the base material is treated with cement mortar.

b.      Base material grinding: The substrate requirements of fine pock (to flat light), the surface of the substrate grinding treatment, removal of scars, floating slurry, the angle of the yin angle to focus on the position to deal with, the yin angle to achieve a straight, Yang Kok recommended angle processing.

c.       Cleaning: With oil-free, water-free compressed air cleaning of the substrate surface dust and other dirt, will affect the construction of the debris of polyurea garbage clean.

4)      Brush Primer: Brush-coated EP1304 concrete sealed primer, brush evenly, no leakage, no defects.

5)      Scraping putty: scraping putty to seal the surface of the concrete trachoma, micro-hole

 6)       Spraying Polyurea: The use of clean: oil-free, water-free compressed air cleaning of the substrate surface dust and other dirt, will affect polyurea construction of debris garbage clean.

7)      Special Polyurea Spraying equipment and polyurea spraying gun spraying, the use of cross-crossing method when spraying, repair leakage spray, reduce stress generation.

8)      Spraying aliphatic polyurea topcoat: The use of special Polyurea spraying equipment and polyurea spray gun spraying, spraying uniformity without defects, leakage spray.


AWhere there are leakage points and pinhole, the use of concrete-specific manual repair Polyurea PS8500 to repair.

B The small area of the coating damage or defects, through sandblasting or grinding methods to remove damaged and not cured coating, grinding range from the damage to the scope of the coating to the surrounding expansion of 5-10cm, clean and clean brush coating between the adhesive and agent, the use of concrete-specific manual repair Polyurea PS8500 to repair

CThe larger area of the coating damage or defects, in accordance with the 2 method of processing and brushing the adhesive between the coating, spray repair.

3   Packaging: spraying Polyurea material for two components, A components 220kg/barrels, B components 210kg/Barrel.

4  Color: Spraying Polyurea material standard color is grey, also can provide other color according to the user request.

 safety: spraying polyurea materials should be equipped with basic labor protection measures, the proposed operation personnel with protective clothing, goggles plastic gloves, masks and other protective supplies.

6   Points to note

u  Protection: Wear necessary protective equipment (gloves, goggles, overalls, etc.) when operating.

u  Inhalation: dyspnea, cough, immediate transfer to fresh air, and immediate medical treatment.

u  Eat: Rinse immediately, prohibit vomiting, immediate medical treatment.

u  Fire extinguishing: Use carbon dioxide, foam or chemical powder fire extinguisher, no other fire extinguishing, can use a large number of spray water spray.

u  Eyes: Once the skin contact, should immediately rinse with water and normal saline for at least 15 minutes.

u  Empty bucket disposal: The empty bucket after use shall not be stored in storage, so as not to cause health hazard.

u  Environmental Protection: a small amount of leakage, sprinkle materials with sand cover, shovel into the open container removed, if a large number of leakage, reception and recovery, contaminated the ground with ammonium hydroxide solution or detergent cleaning.

u  Transport: Spraying Polyurea materials for l00% solid content products, transport can be transported by non-dangerous goods, should be strictly prohibited rain, sun, and should be in line with other relevant provisions of the transport sector.

u  Storage: Spraying polyurea materials should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry warehouse, strictly prohibited rain, sun, away from heat, storage temperature should be between 10-30 . Spraying Polyurea material in the case of Kaiyuan packaging, storage period of 6 months, after the opening of the packaging should not be a one-time use of nitrogen after storage.

u  B components contains pigments, B components should be fully stirred before construction evenly.

u  Spraying Polyurea material for 100% solid content, strictly prohibited to join any thinner.

u  Construction Process Please refer to the construction technology provided by the supplier in detail, if there is doubt, timely consultation.