Polyaspartic Sealer

Polyaspartic Sealer

Waterproof Elastic Polyaspartic Polyurea Middle coat is a specialized developed thick waterproof coating

Product Details

Polyaspartic Sealer


  • Approximate 100% Solid-content, green and low carbon, low cost;

  • Fast Reaction Time; Convenient Installation; NO sagging for facades content coating (0.4-0.6mm /time);

  • Excellent Acid-Alkali-Resisting;

  • Good Adhesion (to substrate);

  • Good Elasticity, High Intensity, Super Anti-Collision, Anti-Friction and Abrasion Resistance;

  • Easy operation can be applied as spraying, brushing, roller coating and airless spraying.


  • Concrete substrate of high-way, railway, bridge, water dam, coastal engineering application;

  • Polyurea self-leveling elastic terrace;

  • Elastic floating coating for swimming pools or ponds;

  • Waterproof floating coating for dam

Polyaspartic Sealer coating


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