Swimming Pool Polyurea Waterproofing Coating Systems Anticorrosion Primer Varnish Under Paint Topcoat Anti-slip Varnish

Detailed Product Description Two Component Waterproofing Polyurea Swimming Pool Floor Paint Plan Product Description Technology requirements: A) To be resistant to ultraviolet light, the use of 5~8 coating does not change; B) The coating should be good adhesion, ensure the coating and concrete,...

Product Details

Detailed Product Description

Main Raw Material:PolyureaApplication Method::Spray
Type:Primer , Under Coating, TopcoatColor:Multiple Colors As Customers' Need
Luster:Half GlazedCorrosion Resistance:Corrosion Resistance

Two Component Waterproofing Polyurea Swimming Pool Floor Paint Plan
Product Description
Technology requirements:
A) To be resistant to ultraviolet light, the use of 5~8 coating does not change;
B) The coating should be good adhesion, ensure the coating and concrete, each layer between the coating don’t fall off.
C) With excellent anti wet sliding performance
D) Coating should be to be resistant to a variety of chemical media, hypochlorite, ozone, etc.

Technical advantages
The third generation of Radix asparagi polyurea coating is a high performance coating material for the latest slow reaction in the field of industrial SPUA.Radix asparagi polyurea overcomes the traditional polyurea gel time too fast, need special equipment for construction, on the basis of the traditional performance polyurea can be has many other advantages.
1.Good adhesion, long-term use without foaming, no shedding, no hollowing
2.High safety coefficient, has efficiently prevent slippery performance
3.The coating has excellent impact resistance and wear resistance
4.Mechanical performance is excellent, more than 300% of the tensile strength, more than 20 mpa tensile strength, guarantee the coating resistance to cracking of concrete
5.Low temperature flexibility and excellent performance, to ensure that the 40 C -60 C environment for long-term use without cracking off
6.Anti-corrosion performance is very outstanding, but resistant to water, acid, alkali, salt, oil and other media
7.Waterproof, anti-corrosion, decoration integrated design. The coating has excellent aging resistance, the coating is plump, the decoration is beautiful, and the time is not changing.
8.Construction is simple, rolling and coating can re apply or repair construction simple, no special treatment.

The scene situation
Base level requirements:
1) Cement strength above 25°C;
2)Concrete surface flatness requirement of 2m by foot maximum height of less than 2mm
3)The moisture content of the basic level is less than 7%.

Construction environment requirements:
1)Construction site environment temperature should be at 5℃ to 30℃
2)The surface temperature is not lower than 5 ℃

Technical scheme
1,Coating materials characteristics

Product NameCharacteristics
EP1304 PrimerTo improve the strength of concrete, the concrete base material has good sealing effect, improve the adhesion of coating and concrete

Polyurea Elastic Under coating

1, High tensile strength, good elasticity, low temperature retention rate is good, solid with close to 100%    
2, With a very low temperature environment, the waterproof effect is good, flexibility is not the obvious characteristics of the crack    
3,Insulation: with a low thermal conductivity of the characteristics (about 1/10 of the common waterproof material)

Polyurea Elastic Topcoat

The weather resistant surface layer added polyurea anti-skid material, adhesiveness, excellent weathering resistance, easy construction, beautiful appearance, has certain elasticity.

Polyurea Elastic Anti-slip Varnish

Anti slip performance, strong adhesion, no discoloration, no powder, no shedding, anti slip effect. Safety, non-toxic, does not cause any harm to the human body

2,Technical indicators

Drying TimeTouch dry (h)0. 5
Hard Dry (h)24
Weather resistance test1500h,The coating has no obvious discoloration and powder, no bubble and no crack.
Tensile strength(MPa)15~20MPa
Elongation at break(%)≥300%
Tear strength(kN/m)≥70
Low-temperature bending test,≤-35℃
Wear resistance g(750g/500r)≤0.03
Hardness H2
Solvent resistant, oil pollution, hypochloriteOK

4,Technical coating scheme
4.1.1 The layer diagram


4.1.2 Construction process

Construction procedure1,Surface treatment: surface cleaning, degreasing, polishing, removing laitance, neat, clean and dry
2,Primer coating: roll coating, the requirements of uniform without missing; with roller coating, backward construction, 6-8 hours after the construction of next process; 0.2KG/ square

3,Intermediate coating:

With mixed construction, first batch of knife according to 0.3KG/ square coating construction, and the construction of 0.5KG/ square roller for second days, the total amount of 0.8KG/ square

4, Surface coating : Roll type polyurea weathering slippery surface coating 1 times, 0.25 KG/ square
5,The anti-skid layer: construction type anti-skid polyurea weathering varnish 1 times, 0.15kg/ square
6,Maintenance, 5 to 7 days (not to use during maintenance, shall not wash with water and other chemicals)

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