Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

Polyaspartic Floor Coatings

Green Elastic Waterproof Thick Up Coating

Product Details

Product Introduction:    
It is a specialized developed thick waterproof coating used for high solid content .Main ingredient is Aliphatic two-component PASP.


  •  Approximate 100% Solid-content, green and low carbon, low cost; 
  •  Fast Reaction Time; Convenient Installation; NO sagging for facades content coating (0.4-0.6mm /time);
  • Operation can be applied as spraying, brushing, roller coating and airless spraying Excellent Acid-Alkali-Resisting;
  •  Good Adhesion (to substrate);
  • Good Elasticity, High Intensity, Super Anti-Collision, Anti-Friction and Abrasion Resistance;


  • Concrete substrate of high-way, railway, bridge, water dam, coastal engineering application;
  • Polyurea self-leveling elastic terrace;
  • Elastic floating coating for swimming pools or ponds;
  • Waterproof floating coating for dam; 

Key Performance Index:

performance index./Inspection items Spec.
solid content(%) ≥ 95 %
fineness(μm) ≤25 
Reaction time  Touchdry≤ 60 min
Hard dry 24h(25℃±2)
construction period ≥1h
tensile strength(MPa) 8-15MPa
elongation(%) 100-300%
tearing strength(kN/m) ≥70
hardness(A) ≥70
bonding strength to primer(MPa) ≥3MPa or substrate destroyed
Foldability at low temperature ≤-35℃,No crack
Abrasion Resistance(750g/500r)/mg ≤20
Salt Tolerance(3%NaCl solution) Good film, No blister
Oil Resistance 240 (engine)  Good film, No blister
Alkali resistance 240h(5%NaOH solution) Good film, No blister
Acid resistance 240h(5%H2SO4  solution) Good film, No blister
Waterproof 30 days No blister


  • PA finish coat: cure agent=100:100
  • Spraying, brushing, roller coating, airless spraying  
  • Construction period:0.5-1h
  • Coating Interval:Recoating>4h (depends on on-site temperature and thickness)

1. Stored in shade, dry and air place, No solarization and No damp
2. When using, make sure is evenly stirred and filtered by 200 mesh strainer

    Package:paint: 20kg/barrel           cure agent: 10kg/barrel


This product is flammable and explosive dangerous chemical. Stay away from heat or fire and avoid rough crush.


  • Make sure the components are fully mixed and evenly stirred before use.
  • Leftover coating should be sealed preserved
  • Make sure good ventilation on site
  • This instruction is an accumulation of experiment and experience, please refer details to construction design requirements.


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