Epoxy Paint

Epoxy Paint

Epoxy Retro Cement

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Material base data(25℃,60%RH)

Mixed material Data(25℃,60%RH)               

Potlife: 30min
   10℃      20℃     30℃
60min     35min  15min
Dry time: 4hr                                      
Walking time: 16hr
Overload Opening time: 48hr
Recoatable time: 16hr

Operation time and temperature relation


Material physical properties after curing



The main agent and curing agent must be mixed and stirred, and then diluted with water while stirring to avoid poor emulsification.

User's guidance: 

Mix the two components strictly in proportion, add water, stir, and finally add 4 times the total amount of cement to stir;


Ideal storage condition is 10-35 ℃ in cool and dry place, avoid sun exposure.


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