Elastomeric Floor Coatings

Elastomeric Floor Coatings

Non-solvent Polyurethane Elastic Middle Coating

Product Details




Material base data(25℃,60%RH)


Mixed material Data(25℃,60%RH)

Mix viscosity: 2000MPaS

Mixed proportion:1:05

Potlife: 15min

Dry time: 3hr                                      

Recoatable time: 20hr

Operation time and temperature relation


Material physical properties after curing



Construction prohibited when humidity is greater than 80%RH or substrate moisture content> 7%,otherwise easy to absorb moisture foam;

The base surface must be well sealed with epoxy mortar to avoid bubbles rising and foaming;

The material cures quickly and must be used quickly, usually within 10 minutes;

Construction prohibited in Summer high Temperature environment, serious fever, shorter operating time.

User's guidance: 

Mix the two ingredients strictly in proportion and stir well,Trowel construction;

To ensure good effect, please make sure the coating amount is above 1.5kg/m2.


Ideal storage condition is 10-35 ℃ in cool and dry place, avoid sun exposure and prevent crystallization at low temperature.


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