Elastomeric Coating

Elastomeric Coating

Polyaspartic Polyurea Elastic Waterproof Finish

Product Details

Product Introduction

Aspartic polyurea elastic finish is a high grade coating , mainly apply in waterproof and protection for concrete surface,main ingredient is improved amine functional aspartic ester double component polyurea, it is manly used in waterproof finish for High railway waterproof project. 

Product Performance 

● Good weather resistance: can stay no yellow by long term QUV irradiation, can used outdoor for long time;

●High elastic: Elongation 250-400%;

●High tensile strength: 25-30MPa;

●Good Anti-chemical stability, can be anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-salt mist, anti-acid rain;

●Colorful color, can be decorative waterproof coating, architecture exterior coating, high anti-abrasion floor coating;

●Good adhesion for substrate.


● Concrete substrate weather resistance waterproof finish for high railway, road, bridge, channel, dam, seashore project;

●Anti-corrosion, waterproof, weather resistance finish for vessel, vehicle, mechanism equipment;

●Elastic, anti-abrasion, weather resistance finish for outdoor floor; 

●No crack architecture exterior coating, can replace fluorocarbons coating, especially elastic and anti-abrasion that fluorocarbons coating do not have.

Technical Indicator


Application Application method

●Polyurea fninish: PS9500, Elastic Curing Agent: SP-103P, Thinner=100:100,appropriate quantity, spraying or brush,     within 2hours.

●When temperature is lower than 15℃, stop SP-103P elastic curing agent, change cold curing agent SP-103.

Construct Procedure

●Waterproof coating construct procedure: Concrete pouring—maintain—substrate treat—thick cement mortar hard waterproof film—brush dedicate primer agent—brush polyurea elastic middle waterproof coat—brush polyurea waterproof finish.

●Exterior wall coating construct procedure: concrete maintain—scratch thick putty one time—fine putty second time—Oil primer one time—Polyurea middle coat and finish.


●Temperature needs to be above 5℃ dew point when construct substrate.

●Construct side need to be ventilated, no smoke and light.

●Workers need to have safe protection, wear protect glass, glove, respiration, labor insurance articles, avoid touch and intake coating mist.


 ●Coating component 20kg          

 ●Curing agent component 10kg 

 ●Product is flammability dangerous chemical, should keep away from hot source, insulate fire source, avoid intensely impact.


 ●Stirring two component equality completely when constructing.

 ●Sealed preserved by nitrogen when saving unfinished curing agent component.

 ●Ensure well ventilation when constructing under obturation space.

 ●This introduction is accumulated by lab testing and experience, detail please refer to construct design requirement.


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