Spraying Polyurea For Sewage Pool

Spraying Polyurea For Sewage Pool

The sewage pool use polyurea coating consists of amine-terminated polyether resin, amine chain extender and MDI prepolymer, functional filler is added, and the product belongs to spraying, self-cured and thick coated polyurea. It is used together with ground coat paint and facing coating to form a firm, tough and decorative ground protection system.

Product Details

Spraying Polyurea For Sewage Pool

Model No: PS500D 


PS500D Sewage Treatment Pool Polyurea Anti-Corrosion Waterproof Protective Coating is a 100% solids, two-component, fast curing, high-performance on-site spray molding materials. The product is mainly composed of isocyanate semi-prepolymer, terminal amino polyether chain extender and pigment., which has the advantages of high strength, good performance and quick construction .Based on the high reactivity and fast curing property, it can be sprayed forming at any bent, inclined and vertical surface without sagging. With super adhesive strength and impact resistance characteristics, the coating is flexible, impact resistant and seamless that able to completely insulate air and water and oxygen penetration. It integrated anticorrosion, waterproof, wear resistance, aging resistant performances, no pulverization and crack peel up or fall down after long- term outdoor work with alternating ambient conditions of cold, heat, rain and snow. It is the optimum choice where a tough, flexible, impact resistant, abrasion resistant waterproofing system which exhibits extraordinary performance characteristics.


1>. Without any thinner, environmental protection;

2>. Elongation, high flexibility, can adapt to the basic cracks and slight deformation;

3>. Good aging resistance

4>. Fast curing, can be sprayed on any surface, slope, vertical surface;

5>. Convenient construction, spraying a film.



Volume solid content








    Tensile strength


      Impact strength 


      Water impermeability


            Wear resistance (750g,500r) 


     Impact resistance


      Electric strength


Temperature variation


Heating temperature


Recommended thickness


Operating temperature range


Water resistance(30d)

no rust no bubbles no peel

      Acid resistance (10%H2SO4 or   10%HCI, 30d)

no rust no bubbles no peel

Alkali resistance 10%NaOH, 30d 

no rust no   bubbles no peel

   Salt resistance 60g/L, 30d

no rust no   bubbles no peel

     Salt spray resistance (2000h)

no rust no bubbles no peel

Oil resistance 0# diesel crude oil 30d   

no rust no bubbles no peel

4. Applications: Chemical plant sewage treatment tank, accident pool, urban sewage treatment tank

5. Construction method:

1) Spray equipment: Spray polyurea materials must be constructed using a dedicated (1:1) two-component spray equipment. Such as Graco's H-XP3 and so on.

2) Construction environment requirements: In order to achieve the best coating effect, the site requires ventilation, the ambient temperature should not be lower than 10 °C, the substrate temperature is higher than the dew point of 5 °C, and the air humidity is less than 80%.

3) Surface treatment of the substrate:

a. Leveling the cement surface: leveling the substrate with cement mortar.

b. Grinding of the substrate: the substrate requires fine pitting (to be flat), the surface of the substrate is polished, the scar and the floating slurry are removed, and the position of the negative angle of the yin angle is treated with emphasis, and the yin angle is straight and yang. The corner suggests eight-point angle processing.

c. Cleaning: The dirt on the surface of the substrate cleaned with oil-free, water-free compressed air will clean up the debris that affects the construction of polyurea.

4) Brush primer: brush the EP1304 or HP6303K concrete special primer, evenly brushed, no leakage coating, no defects.

5) Scrape putty: Apply putty to seal the trachoma and micropores on the concrete surface.

6) Spray polyurea: Spray with special polyurea spraying equipment and polyurea spray gun. Use cross method to repair leak spray and reduce stress.

7) Spraying aliphatic polyurea topcoat: Spraying with special polyurea spraying equipment and polyurea spray gun, spraying evenly without defects and leaking spray.

6.Package: Two-component, A component 220KG / 200L barrel, B component 210KG / 200L barrel.

7. Color: Spray polyurea material standard color is gray, can also provide other colors according to user requirements

8. Safety: Spraying polyurea materials should be equipped with basic labor protection measures during it was be used.

It is recommended that operators be equipped with protective clothing, goggles, plastic gloves, masks and other protective equipment.

9.Storage/Shelf Life: Ideal storage condition is 0-35 ℃ in cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight. / One year.

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