Polyurethane Coating

Polyurethane Coating

Polyaspartic Polyurea Weather Resistance Finishes

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It is deveoped for high end market,widely used in corrosion prevention of metal materials.

It consists of polyurea resins, additives and solvents.


●Excellent chemical resistant performance

●Excellent salt fog resistance,more than 2000h

●Excellent weather resistance,more than 4000h on basis of QUV313nm 

●Excellent wear resistant performance

●Various colors for option

●High hardness of paint film

●Environment- friendly paints

●Easy to operate, brushing and rolling are ok


Requested weather resistant performance of draught fans on many conditions (Seawater, Sand-wind ).

Requested weather resistant performance of bridge with steel structure, Freeway with steel guardrails.

Other similar requested functional instruments.

Metal statues. 


Items Content

Appreance Liquid,uniform distribution

Content(%) 65-95%

Adhesion (grid test ) 100%

Shock Resistance (kg.cm) ≥50

Flexibility(mm) 1

Hardness ≥H

Wear-resistance(750g/500r) ≤20mg

Chem resistance (Acid) (10%H2SO4 solution) 30 days

(40%H2SO4 solution) 30 days

Chem resistance (Alkali) (10%NaOH solution) 30 days

Salt fog resistance 2000h no foaming

(QUV313nm)4000h No foaming, xanthochromia proof

Alternate cooling and heating(-20°C~80°C) no foaming

Drying Time Surface ≤2h

Full structure 24h

Operation time 1-3h

Formula       Main paints: Curing agent: Thinner =2:1:N/A. 

Spraying or brushing within 2 hours.

Process        Make sure the metal or steel surface is clean, without rust.

Paint EP1301/ EP1302 polyurea corrosion protection primers.

Paint PH9503-Xx polyurea corrosion protection Finishes.


1,Store the product in the dry and ventilated place.

2,Mix fully before use, and filter with200 mesh sieve.

3,Paint in a ventilated place, no fire. 

4,Painters with protective measures: mask and gloves.


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