Polyurea Primer Coatings

Polyurea Primer Coatings

Permeable Polyurea Primer Coatings For Concrete Flooring Tanks

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Anti corrosion coating is an integrated system from primer to top coating, and primer is the base of the whole system that plays an important role for the coating quality. Primer has two major functions: first, infiltrate into substrate and steady the residual particles strengthen the base and avoid air and moisture penetration, and then second is to form a good supporting system with the following layers then increase the adhesive strength to the substrate.


Coating is dense, tough, full bright, colorful without yellowing and pulverization, anti-aging, with excellent weather resistance luster and color retention and decoration.


Adhesive strength(concrete base) 2.9Mpa (or substrate broken)

Impact strength ≥50kg•cm

Temperature variation -40------+180°C

Wear resistance (700g/500r) 12mg

Acid resistance (40%H2SO4 or 10%HCI, 30d) no rust no bubbles no peel

Alkali resistance 50%NaOH, 30d no rust no bubbles no peel

Salt spray resistance 1000h no rust no bubbles no peel

Oil resistance 0# diesel crude oil 30d no rust no bubbles no peel

Data of performance

Color Colorless and transparent

Luster Glazed

Density 1.05g/cm3

Volume solid content 76%±2%

VOC ≤169g/L

Recommended dry film thickness 30-60μm

Theoretical coverage 0.07kg/sqm(calculated by the above solids percentage and dry film thickness of 50 microns)

Practical coverage Allow appropriate loss rate

Dry time 1-3h

Overcoating intervals min: 3h; max: 24h

Overcoating method Airless spray, Air spray, Brush, Roller

Flash point 57°C

Recommended procedures:


Name of products


Dry film thickness (μm)


One component seal penetration primer




Any brand’s polyurea







Application scopes: Anticorrosion coating application of concrete, wood and other substrates.


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