Exterior Wall Primer

Exterior Wall Primer

Water-based Exterior Wall Primer

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Product Overview:Model: 725-SGW0201

With the external walls of acrylic primer is a synthetic resin for the film of architectural coatings, by adding a white pigment, filler. For the external walls of white cement putty backing the construction surface. Have high wind resistance and anti-alkaline, very strong ageing resistance and durability.


1. Resist alkali closed.

2. Guard against tyrant resisting algae effect nice.

3. Paint can effectively improve the adhesion and water resistance.

4. Topcoat reduces the amount.

5. Non-toxic pollution-free, for green products.

Primary treatment

Concrete, graffito cement surface

Block With at least 147 Palestinians (kg / square centimeters) of air pressure spray gun remove all dirt, dust, grease, impurity, of falling short of the coating and powder, etc., can be dried the surface construction.

Reveal spot before the brushing, 1:3 with the liquid bleach and water solution wiping the match open, and so at the grassroots level on the surface for 10 minutes, then rinse water clean, dry surface to be able to question brushing. Operators should wear protective goggles and wearing protective clothing. To any splashed on the skin bleach / water solution, the water should immediately flush out.

Caulking on the surface after all the cleaning, primer, caulking, pending construction after drying.

Scribbles method

1.Brushing can be properly diluted and clean water (usually no more than 15 per cent) used nylon or polyester brush.

2.Roller coating can be properly diluted and clean water (usually not more than 15 per cent), 1.27-3.81 cm by man-made synthetic hair or wool roller. No high-pressure gas spray.


6-8/ kg


0.053 cm


clean water, conventional spray

Air pressure:

3.8-4 .8 kg / cm2

Fluid pressure:

Pakistan 1.4 kg / cm2

Cap/ nozzle:

704 / Fax (model)

Technical parameters:

Paint film color:



clean water

Volatile Organic Compounds (at dry film):

Not more than 32 grams / liter

The volume of solid:

33 ± 2%

Solid in weight:

35 ± 2%

Scrubbing resistance :

more than 1000 times

Transport and storage:

Of not less than 5 ℃ the cool dry environment, to prevent frost and high temperature, Primer in the external environment temperature is below 5 ℃.

Durability period: 12 months.

Package: 16 kg / barrel

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