Exterior Wall Coating

Exterior Wall Coating

Self- cleaning Silicone Acrylic Lotus Leaf Exterior Wall Paint/Coating

Product Details

Introduction and Usage : 725-SGW4030

1:This product is prepared with advanced production techniques and formulas by taking special modified high-elasticity synthetic emulsion and special acrylic synthetic emulsion as film forming materials. 

2:It is an excellent paint with perfectly balanced elongation and tensile strength, which features  in high extension and water impermeability, easy cleaning and high weathering resistance.

3:This product has a good anti-adhesion, anti-stickers function.

4:Most of the water-absorbent adhesive paste paper, small ads, cards will naturally fall off or simply expose after leaving no trace. And the ink is also more difficult to write, to prevent scribbling the behavior of the scribble has a very good inhibitory effect.

5:It's suitable for all exterior wall decoration of various buildings. House, hotel, office building, school and etc. 

Product Feature:

Good adhesiveness

High waterproof protection

Quick drying

Alkali resistance

Scratch resistant

Thick coating construction

Acid resistance

Excellent self-cleaning

High covering power


Excellent wear resistance

Easy application

 Product details:


Liquid Coating


Silicone acrylic emulsion,pigment;Auxiliary;water

Thickness of Film

30µm ( dry )

Theoretical Consumption


Surface Drying Time

30 min/25℃

Re-coating Time

>2h/25℃ (would be chaged according as the temperature and  humidity

Hard Drying Time

>7 days/25℃

Application Method

Spray gun, roller, brush.


20kg/barrel; 12kg/barrel; 6kg/barrel.

Scrubbing resistance

more than 10000 times

Storage  : 

The product should be tighted and stored in a dry, cool, well ventilated space and keep way from source of heat and ignition. Containers must be kept tightly closed.

Shelf life: 12 month under 25℃.

Touch Free :

 Handle with care.

Stir well before use.

 Surface Traetment 

All surfaces to be coated should be clean, dry and free from contamination.

Attention :

-Please work in nice weather. 

-Dry time and recoating time may be changed according to the scene of construction environment.

-Avoid long-term inhalation of vapor or mist. 

-Skin and eyes can not touch with the product.

-Work in well ventilation place and take fire prevention measures.

Statement of Responsibility :

The product information provided in our knowledge based on laboratory testing and practical experience gained. However, the use of the product is ususlly outside the scope of our control, we can only guarantee the quality of the product itself.


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