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Huisins New Material Technology Co.,Limited

Huisins New Material Technology Co., Limited., established in 2005. Huisins New Material Technology Co., Limited., established in a rapid growing enterprise who integrate the production and marketing of water-based coatings products series and Ship coatings products series. The Brand Name: GD and SanRui. After ten years'effort and development, now we have become one of the leading paint manufacturers and suppliers in China.


    • Roof Seal Coating

      Roof Seal Coating

      Description: PS500A Spray polyurea series is roof seal coating ,it is a 100% solids, two-component, fast curing, high-performance on-site spray molding materials. The A compone is an isocyanate prepolymer, the B component is an MDI, a chain extender and a pigment, which has the advantages of...

    • Truck Bed Coating

      Truck Bed Coating

      Product Name : Polyurea Spray Coating Model No: PS600A 1. D escription: PS600A is a kind of material with high crosslinking density and certain elasticity, excellent wear resistance. This polyurea material is a high performance material with 100% solid content, double group, fast curing and...

    • Waterproof Roof Coating

      Waterproof Roof Coating

      Product Name: Polyurea Weather Resistance Elastic Waterproof Topcoat Paint Model: PS9500 Designed for use: Waterproofing and corrosion protection for concrete substrates (basements, bridges, roofs, warehouses, etc.)

    • Polyaspartic Polyurea

      Polyaspartic Polyurea

      Particularly recommended for assembly line painting of construction machinery.